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01 |  What should Wedding Photographers & Videographers Wear to a Wedding?

Wedding photographers and videographers should dress in a professional and unobtrusive manner while also considering the formality and style of the wedding. Here are some general guidelines for what a wedding photographer and videographer should wear:

  1. Professional Attire: Regardless of the wedding's formality, a photographer and videographer should look professional. This typically means wearing clean, well-fitted clothing that is free from wrinkles, stains, or rips.

  2. Neutral Colors: Opt for neutral or dark-colored clothing to blend in with the surroundings and not draw attention away from the bride, groom, and wedding guests. Black, gray, or navy are often good choices.

  3. Comfortable Shoes: Comfort is crucial because wedding photographers often spend long hours on their feet. Choose comfortable, closed-toe shoes suitable for the venue and weather.

  4. Avoid Flashy or Distracting Clothing: Avoid clothing with bright colors, bold patterns, or large logos, as these can be distracting in photos.

  5. Blend In, but Be Identifiable: While you want to blend in, it's also essential for guests to know who the photographer/videographer is. Consider wearing a Dean Michaels Studio button-down , so people know you're there to capture moments. Let us know if you need one!.

  6. Check with the Couple: Finally, it's always a good idea to check with the bride and groom or the wedding planner regarding any specific dress code or attire preferences they may have for the photographer or videographer.

Remember that professionalism and discretion are key when dressing as a wedding photographer. or videographer. Your primary focus should be on capturing beautiful and meaningful moments for the couple without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.

Suggested Attire:


Women: Black slacks with black blouse (long or short sleeved - depending on the season) OR black slacks, black/white shirt with black blazer

Men: Black Slacks with black button-down shirt (long or short sleeved - depending on the season) OR black slacks with black/white shirt and sports coat.

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