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Ever try to play an 8-track these days? Good luck! At Dean Michaels Studio, we believe in the importance of preserving your wedding photos and the excitement of future generations discovering old photos stashed in the attic. Our highly trained designers will craft something unique to you and produce your perfect wedding album design. Take a look at these samples to see what you can expect from our hand-crafted completely customizable wedding albums. Our highly trained designers will match the style you have chosen following general guidelines based on the styles below. See some samples below.


A classically designed album with the look of matted pages with black or white backgrounds. Very simple and elegant design with no strokes or drop shadows. Text on cover, no text phrases or graphic embellishments used on the spreads.


A blend of the traditional style with the addition of some colored accents and overlay effects customized to compliment your images. Also designed with colored strokes and textured backgrounds to feature your images.


A blend of all styles to create a storybook style. Full image spreads allow for each page to be dramatically designed to feature your event. Added unique graphic embellishments and gradients are used to add some extra flare to you spreads. Tilted images and collage pages are another great feature in the Platinum style.


About all we have to offer..

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