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It was important to me that we pick a style that matched our preferences and we couldn't be more thrilled. We can't thank them enough for getting the perfect shots - everything we asked for. - Becky & Ben


Featuring Four Distinctive GALLERY STYLES


At Dean Michaels Studio, our approach to wedding photography and editing has always been timeless. Our default style is one that transcends trends and maintains a classic, enduring quality. The goal is to capture and present wedding photos in a way that will remain beautiful and relevant for years to come.


We understand that every wedding is different and opting for a custom style can help you tell your story, your way. Custom Gallery Styling refers to our unique and personalized editing approach applied to your photographs during the post-production phase. These styles involve intentional and tailored adjustments to enhance the visual aesthetics of the images based on the custom style chosen. We understand that preferences can vary widely and we have developed these Custom Gallery Styles to create a distinct look or mood that aligns with your overall vision. Check out the styles below.




Our default timeless style focuses on creating images that remain classic and enduring, unaffected by passing trends. This style involves subtle and natural edits that maintain a balance of colors, tones, and contrast, aiming for a clean and timeless aesthetic.

Sample of TIMELESS Studio Picks

While your gallery will remain true to color, our timeless Studio Picks incorporate a mix of styles and current trends.


Our moody style involves enhancing images to evoke a specific atmosphere or emotion, often characterized by dark tones, deep shadows, and muted colors. This style aims to create a dramatic and introspective mood, using contrasts and shadows to add depth and intensity to the visuals.

Sample of MOODY Studio Picks


Our airy style is characterized by light, soft tones, and a high key aesthetic, creating a fresh and uplifting atmosphere. This style often involves enhancing highlights, reducing shadows, and adjusting the overall exposure to achieve a clean and luminous look. The result is a gallery with a bright and cheerful feel.

Sample of AIRY Studio Picks


Our creamy style is characterized by a soft and smooth appearance, often achieved through gentle adjustments to color temperature, contrast, and saturation. This style imparts a warm, golden tone to the images, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.