Video Information

Before we begin editing your wedding video, please read through ALL video information before submitting your selections to us, as there is pertinent information regarding the video editing process.  Submit your completed video song choices and additional orders with your final video payment – no editing will take place until we have received this information. Note: Please do not submit this information until after your wedding, as something may happen that was not planned that you’d like to include or exclude from the final video.

Standard Video Editing Process

Your video will be edited with the information you have submitted. The editor will reach out to you prior to editing your video if they have any questions. The editor will share a low resolution version of your edited movie with you. You will have a limited amount of time to respond with any change requests. If we do not get a response within the given time frame, we will finalize your video for you as presented. If you require more than one review you have the option of moving to a custom edit.

Custom Video Editing Process

The custom editing process is a 10 day period of time where you preview your video. You have three rounds of revisions for requesting changes to the editor. You will receive an email with a link to preview of your video edit (in low resolution). After reviewing your video, you will have a chance to email back and forth with the editor to request your revisions. This process is to ensure that you are receiving the exact video you desire.

The custom edit process is going to be a stringent and absolute maximum of a ten day period, no longer. With this in mind, please make sure that when the editing process begins that you are available to review and respond in a timely manner.
If you choose this option we will call you to schedule your custom editing process, as it is imperative that you are available for review and respond during the 10 day period. You may also add the raw footage files for a reduced rate of $200 if purchasing the custom editing process.

Final video balances must be received before the video editing process begins.
If you require any changes after your edited video is completed, there will be an additional editing charge at a minimum of $150/hour.


You can receive your final edited wedding movie via digital download or a flash drive. The best way to view your video is to copy the file onto your computer and stream it onto your TV (via Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, HDMI cable, etc.). This will give you the fastest viewing speed and highest image quality. It is also recommended to back your video up onto another storage device for safe keeping. You may also upload your video to media sharing sites such as Vimeo, Youtube & Facebook.